Institutional Loan

We have good product for funding school, Collage and hospital in the status of trust or society. We provide unsecured and secured finance and project funding for their new project on the basis of fee collection from the institute. 



What is Institution Funding?

Institution funding is a fund with assets that are invested by institutional investors. It can include investments for a variety of institutional purposes including government and corporate investment funds, educational endowments, government and corporate retirement plans and non-profit foundations. Investment managers offer institutional funds with respect to various market objectives.


Key Facts about Institution Funding

Investment managers offer a type of fund structure especially for investment by various institutional clients. These funds are usually a pooled fund managed comprehensively for transactional costs and efficient operations. Institutional fund offerings can include institutional shares of commingled institutional funds, mutual fund and institutional separate accounts.



Institution Funding Eligibility Criteria

A short history of the institution;

The mission statement;

The latest annual report

The policy on research

The research mandate of the institution

The current strategic plan