We have very good product in this category to fund all type of property like residential, commercials, plot, industrial, farmhouses and institutional property at much cheaper cost from 50 Lacs to 100 Crore. To provide you solution in this category we have very dynamic & best product from overall industry. Like loan against property upto 125 % of market value, F.O.R on your income upto 200 % and Rate of Interest as lower as 9.50 % p.a. 


What is Loan against Property?

Loan again property is nothing but a loan which you avail by keeping your residential or any commercial property as collateral. You can also be called is secured loan. In this security is in the kind of property owned by the person who is applying for the loan. The value of your property decides basically the amount of potential loan you will be sanctioned.


Key Facts Loan against Property

Self-owned residential property

Self-owned piece of land

Self-owned commercial property

Self-owned but rented commercial property

Self-owned and self-occupied residential property

Self-owned but rented residential property

Self-owned piece of land


Loan against Property Eligibility Criteria

-For getting a loan against property, Your Age must be 33 to 58 years.

-You should be getting employed in a Private sector, multinational company or any reputed private company.

-You should be owning a property and should be a resident of India.


Documents Required for Business Loan