If we did the work, you probably won’t get a refund

Our firm will always return any portion of your legal fees that we have not used. For example if you hired us to draft and file a patent and then changed your mind before we could file it, we would return what you paid us minus the value of the work we performed.

Unlike a traditional vendor consumer relationship, the moment a law firm performs a legal service the client permanently receives the value of it. In other words, it is impossible for our clients to give back our time and expertise, so any legal consultation fee is non refundable. And just like it would usually be unreasonable in other industries to both keep what you bought and get your money back we ask that you respect the position your request would put us in.

When a refund might make sense

  • Full refund – If you paid us and changed your mind before we did any work
  • Partial refund – If you paid us and changed your mind before we processed the work
  • No Refund – If you paid us and our team has started working on your project / case and matter has been initiated.

Alternatives to a refund

  • Free edits or credits – If you don’t approve of the quality or sufficiency of a legal document that we drafted for you we are happy to work with you, within reason, until you are satisfied.
  • Payment Plan – If your reason for a refund is an inability or difficulty to pay, we will try our very best to develop a payment plan that works for you and us.

How to ask for a refund

So that we can properly review your refund request, please state your reasons for the request, in writing, to Billing at billing@uslawpros.com.

Upon receipt of your request we will review your case file and either process the refund, provide a written reason as to why the request is denied, or schedule a phone call so that the matter can be discussed. We ask that you allow 7-14 days for this process.