We provide industrial machinery finance to all SME & MME. We have long-term tie-ups with number of private/ public sector Banks & big financial institutions for catering to such requirements, which arrange these loans. 



What is Industrial Machinery Finance?

Most Industry Equipment Used in the industry carries a large price tag. From manufacturing to vehicles to warehouse equipment, it is greatly used in the industry. It can be easily financed by an equipment finance company. Big loans have been financing industrial equipment for almost the last two decades.


Key Facts about Industrial Machinery Finance

• Every day more than 20,000 equipment leases are written.

• Eight out of ten companies finance and lease some or all of their equipment.

• Small businesses are twice as likely to finance or lease their equipment to purchase it outright.

• Most of the people are employed in the equipment lease and finance industry.


Industrial Machinery Finance Eligibility Criteria

All owners of Commercial Properties and residential buildings which are already rented or to be rented to the following entities are mentioned below:



Reputed Corporates

Financial Institutions

Large and Medium size corporates

Government offices both Central and State Government

Public Sector Undertakings etc