There are few experiences more stressful than buying or selling property; they are of course the negotiations, the financing, and the verification of documents and let’s not forget the legal processes which must be handled during the transaction. As a lawyer handling real estate issues, we have keen insight into the often complex selling/buying process, landlord/tenant matters and property matters. Over the past decade, we have handles many issues related to property.


Our Legal team is well experience and good in research work as well as into litigation. We give individual attention to all the client we have. We provide proper idea to the client about the valuation of the property. Our team is well versed in scrutinizing the all documents related with property are essential procedure for avoiding all further complications, threat and risk involved with the property. We closely monitor all the cases that we handle. We always protect the interest of our client. We can assure you that you are in safer hands.


We handle legal matters such as:


Property/flat verification

Preparation of sale/rent/mortgage/lease deeds

Negotiation during sale of property

title of Property issues

Easement related issues

Registration of property


We look forward to helping you in your legal matter.