Builder Loan

We have good product in this category to fund all requirement of real state like Inventory funding, against plot, project funding, Lease Rent Discounting and many more according to cash flow. 


What is Builder Funding?

The builder’s fund is a growth stage private equity fund investing around themes of agriculture, sustainable food, resource efficiency and human elevation. The fund is led by operationally oriented investing to generate attractive financial returns through purpose-driven businesses. We focus mainly on investing in high growth companies whose supply chain and services intrinsically deliver environmental benefit and positive social.


Key Facts about Builder Funding

They have higher interest rates: They have variable interest rates that correspond to the rate that banks give their best customers or typically have variable interest rates that correspond to a certain percentage over the prime rate.

They’re harder to qualify for: Construction loans are so flexible. They often come with a high-quality standard in term of down payment and credit.

Shorter-term loans are a risk: If you are going through a construction loan, you need to be paying off the loan in full.


Builder Funding Eligibility Criteria

An Indian resident.

Seasonal Builder with minimum 3 project or 1 lac sq. ft.

Above the age of 21 years at the commencement of the loan.

Age below 65 when the loan matures.